This optical illusion just ruined my Christmas

Christmas is a time for contemplation, sharing gifts and enjoying time with loved ones. Not for being confused by optical illusions. But hold on to the eggnog and turn off the Strictly special because this Christmas optical illusion is mind boggling.

Do you see the two red snowflakes in the picture below? They are different sizes, right? But no. We’re told the two snowflakes in this optical illusion are actually the same size (if this festive treat has got you in the mood for more, check out our selection of must-see optical illusions).

Christmas optical illusion showing two red snowflakes and several white snowflakes

Don’t try to look at this optical illusion after Christmas dinner (Image credit: Christmas Optical Illusion)

So there I was with Christmas all planned out, ready to settle down for the Great Christmas Bake Off and an episode of His Dark Materials, when a company called Jackpotjoy sends us an annoying optical illusion to entertain us instead. The picture shows a bunch of festive snowflakes on a blue background. There are two red snowflakes: one surrounded by six large white snowflakes and the other surrounded by eight small snowflakes.

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