BPMP is a portable amplifier concept that you can easily carry on your back

Music has different effects on different people, but the fact is that it always has an effect. At the very least, it can arouse the interest of the listener or the admiration of the talented performer who fills the air with notes. Despite how effective music can be, many will argue, especially parents, that it is difficult to make money from music, not unless you make it big in the industry. That said, there are people who make and perform music out of pure passion, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to get some kind donations in the process. Street musicians and performers are not an uncommon sight in any country, and most of them have the same problem when it comes to carrying heavy equipment. Amplifiers, for example, are necessary yet so inconvenient, but this design imagines such equipment that can help make life easier for these “buskers”.

Designer: JiHoon Park

We’ve come a long way from the big boxes called amps that can only be moved with the help of a cart. There are plenty of more portable solutions these days that can help musicians who perform in public move from one venue to another more easily. Despite their significantly smaller sizes, these amps often still come in bulky boxes that you carry awkwardly with one hand, leaving you with only one other hand to carry everything else.

It would be more convenient if you could sling the amp on your back like a backpack, but its boxy design makes that nearly impossible, not to mention painful. Thankfully, technology and manufacturing have reached a point where it is finally possible, at least in theory. BPMP is thus a concept that tries to cram as much hardware into a package that you can comfortably carry on your back. Even better, it’s not something you’d be embarrassed to be seen with.

Instead of the typical box design, the BPMP uses a flatter “squircle” or square circle shape with one side that curves slightly outwards. The flat side is designed like a typical backpack, with shoulder straps and soft fabric material that cushions the back a bit. If you didn’t know better, you might mistake this for one of those hard backpacks that are gaining popularity in some quarters.

However, the redesign of the portable amplifier does not stop there. For example, there is also a handle that swings down to become the amplifier’s adjustable stand. The top edge holds the knobs and controls to control the audio equipment, just like what you’d find in a regular amplifier.


There’s no denying that the BPMP, apart from being very portable, looks quite attractive to the point where you might not even think it’s an amplifier. Again, it may be questionable whether you can cram in enough audio hardware and electronics to make it work like a real amp, nor does it guarantee that the quality of the audio output won’t be affected by this unconventional design. Still, it’s an avenue worth exploring, especially if it will get people more attention for their already captivating performance.

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